To my dearest friend (Part 1)

With all my due respect, I need you to listen to me. Not because i’m a control freak, even though I do sound like one. You’ll know exactly why as we get to the very end. And that’s a favour I need to ask. Bear with me till the end will you?

What i’m going to tell you has been known to show extraordinary¬† results, when done right. Its known for gaze so sincere and pure, you realize somewhere along your journey, you lost the innocence of your childhood. Its known for touch so tender, it reminds you of your mother’s comforting touch you’ve missed so much. Its known for words so that always sounds so right, its hard not to say ‘it hits so close to home this time’. So you’re still with me?

What i’m about to tell you is not, by any chance, smaller in magnitude than the discovery of the cure for cancer. It is the final destination of the quest for the meaning of life. It is the solution to all kinds of injustice, the saviour to all those oppressed in numerous crimes against humanity. It is, what you can call life-changing, for the lack of a better description. You got the point, right? Need I say more?

Life in all its equality has given us two choices to live by. You can choose to like or not to like. You are free to go with something, or go against it. You choose to be good or evil. More often than not, life choices are not always simple and straightforward for the majority of people. There is always a need for help and guidance. A sort of a belief system.

Yes I said that belief is a system because you believe with your heart, but there is a part of belief that’s carried out by the tongue and there are some other parts done by the limbs. You speak of what you believe in, and you do things that you have belief in. Speaking of which, even atheists are believers. They have to believe that there really is no God, before they can choose to be one. And you’ve been listening well, I believe?

Belief has such a pivotal role in life that I find it of equal importance to life-sustaining processes such as breathing. Where breathing is a process, so is believing. But the physiology of believing is mind-numbingly simple when compared to that of breathing. Believing is essentially the manifestation of a quality that a human being naturally possesses and that is dependency. This constant need of support is evident from the beginning of life when we are physically dependent on our mothers until we have finally matured enough to be independent at least physically, before again being reduced to mental and spiritual dependency, when we start questioning the purpose of life and what is there after life. And to ultimately reach the state of mental and spiritual independency, human beings resort to believing. You see what I mean, right?

Now that’s step number one done. I’ve told you everything I believe about belief. I told you that what I’m going to tell you is life-changing, so you can’t really be thinking that i’m done and that life is that easy to change, can you? I have some other things to talk to you about before I can tell you all about it. So there is another small favour I’d like to ask from you, will you mind staying with me just a little bit longer?


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